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01.20 Queenie's and Ian's paper describing the 'Bioderivatization' concept is published in PNAS.

MME group May 2019

5.19 New group photo

7-8.18 Ian Yunus great work on engineering cyanobacteria has been published x 2; 1-octanol and alkanes and alkenes

4.18 I was awarded a Faculty of Natural Sciences Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

2.18 Our work together with the Sakuragi group on stimulating CO2-uptake in cyanobacteria was accepted in Metabolic Engineering.

11.17 The C3 Biotechnologies website is up: 

21.12.16 The FUTUREAGRICULTURE YouTube channel is online with unscripted interviews with Arren and myself

21.12.16 A review by Tobias Erb, Arren Bar-Even and myself in Current Opinion in Chemical Biology "Synthetic metabolism: Metabolic engineering meets enzyme design"

29.11.16 David's paper on the stoichiometric model of Anabaena sp. PCC 7120 has just been published, in collaboration with Ralf Steuer at Humboldt Univ. Berlin.

11.11.16 We say a heartfelt goodbye to David and a warm welcome to three new PhD-students: Laura, Mathieu and Jessica.

09.09.2016 New group photo



22.06.2016 Patrik was promoted to Reader in 'Metabolic Engineering'!

06.06.16 Dips abstract was selected for oral presentation at Met Eng XI ( Well done!

12.05.16 We hosted a stand at the Imperial Festival 2016, a short video summarizing the event is here:

01.04.16 (not April Fool's..) Video from latest Science Museum Lates online:

16.03.16 We have updated the group webpage, check it out.

17.12.15 The FET-OPEN FUTUREAGRICULTURE project was signed by EC, coordinated by Arren Bar-Even. The success rate was <1.7%..!

17.12.15 The BBSRC has funded the sLoLa project "Managing the Nitrogen Economy" in which we will study and engineer cyanobacteria nitrogen metabolism

17.12.15 Tomas Zavrel's paper on a model system for online quantification of volatile products has been published.

17.12.15 Linda Vuorijoki's protocol for 100-target SRM based monitoring of proteins involved in the metabolism of Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 was published.

15.12.15 The MME team exhibited 'Space Algae' at the Science Museum Principia Lates 18-22.00. An intense event with excellent visitors handled so well by a great team (Phoebe, Danielle, Marine, Wen, Marin and Dennis). Makes me proud working with such people!


01.12.15 Join the community at the Algae Europe conference in Lisbon. Patrik is chairing one of the sessions and will in a talk present his view on how to expand algal biotechnology with a measurable impact on society.

16.11.15 The 'Metabolic and Network Engineering' course will start soon. Many improvements have been planned and a new schedule is available on Blackboard for last year's course.

06.08.15 Our paper "A comparison of the microbial production and combustion characteristics of three alcohol biofuels: ethanol, 1-butanol, and 1-octanol" was published in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology.

30.04.15 The EU project 640720 PHOTOFUEL has been funded by the European Commission. The project is lead by VW and includes in London both our group and the group of Klaus Hellgardt in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

10.04.15 Our paper "A microbial platform for renewable propane synthesis based on a fermentative butanol pathway" was published in Biotechnology for Biofuels. Highlighted in Economist, though unfortunately with facts upside down!

20.01.15 Group photo! From left-to-right: John, Josi, Phoebe, Paulina, David, Patrik and Danielle.



07.10.2014 Our paper "Microbial production of 1-octanol: a naturally excreted biofuel with diesel-like properties" was accepted for publication in Metabolic Engineering Communications

03.09.2014 The renewable propane story has been popular in media. Here is a snippet: The Conversation, BBC Science in action , Popular Mechanics (!?), Nature and our own College article. It achieved an Altmetric score of 430, the 5th ever highest out of 3,818 articles in this journal (Nov 2014).

02.09.2014 Propane - not so fossil any more. We constructed a synthetic pathway for the renewable biosynthesis of propane with the ultimate objective of enabling the direct conversion of solar into chemical energy coupled with immediate product-process separation of a utility-ready fuel.

16.08.2014 Our perspective article on the importance of co-factor engineering for metabolic engineering is published.

25.06.2014 Our article describing and characterizing a novel butanol-pathway is online

30.05.2014 Our research group homepage has just opened: The Microbial Metabolic Engineering Group

19.04.2014 A perspective article on genetic (in)stability in cyanobacteria was published in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology.

15.04.2013 Started a Twitter account with the aim to provide some personal insight into our field. Takes a while to learn how to use it though..

08.10.2013 Our review on renewable jet fuel has been published online.

01.10.2013 New position at ICL has started.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Sattayawat P, Yunus IS, Jones PR, 2020, Bioderivatization as a concept for renewable production of chemicals that are toxic or poorly soluble in the liquid phase, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol:117, ISSN:0027-8424, Pages:1404-1413

Malatinszky D, Steuer R, Jones PR, 2017, A comprehensively curated genome-scale two-cell model for the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. PCC 7120, Plant Physiology, Vol:173, ISSN:0032-0889, Pages:509-523

Kallio P, Pasztor A, Thiel K, et al., 2014, An engineered pathway for the biosynthesis of renewable propane, Nature Communications, Vol:5, ISSN:2041-1723, Pages:1-8

Akhtar MK, Turner NJ, Jones PR, 2013, Carboxylic acid reductase is a versatile enzyme for the conversion of fatty acids into fuels and chemical commodities, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol:110, ISSN:0027-8424, Pages:87-92

More Publications