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My research is centered mainly around biomedical applications, essentially sensing technologies for monitoring various physiological parameters. The main aim of my work is thus focused on the development of miniaturized low-power implantable, wearable and point-of-care systems for the early detection and monitoring of various conditions. Applications range from detection of cancer and infection biomarkers in sweat, blood and urine samples to tissue monitoring. This is an interdisciplinary research field and some of my work is on the development of discrete electronics platforms (PCB's) and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) using CMOS technology, which is one of my main research interests. Everything is driven by the application and the sensors. Hence, another big part of my work is associated with sensor design, optimization and fabrication. A lot of my current work is centred around flexible/stretchable electronics, with a recent interest on soft robotics and dielectric actuators.


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The applications I have worked in the past and that I am currently interested in are early cancerous tissue detection, biomolecular sensing (using e.g. affinity-based biosensors with antibodies, etc), tissue ischemia monitoring in surgical applications such as gastrointestinal tract anastomosis and cell culturing platforms. The techniques I deploy for these are mainly electrical and electrochemical, with a particular focus on Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) and Tomography (EIT) and more recently Ion Selective Electrode technogies (ISE). Finally, I am also interested and have experience in wearable technologies, neural stimulators and various aspects of inductive telemetry for implanted devices. My current work focuses of flexible/stretchable printed sensors.