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Professor in Particle Technology



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Date Role
1996- Professor in Particle Technology, Chemical Engineering Department, Imperial College London.
1992-1996 Reader in Particle Technology, Chemical Engineering Department, Imperial College London.
1983-1992 Lecturer in Colloid Science and Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering Department, Imperial College London.
1981-1983 Research Associate, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University.
1978-1980 PhD in Physical Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK, Thesis title: “Heteroflocculation of colloidal particles”
1975-1978 BSc Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK.

Research Interests

My principle area of research is to try to control the bulk properties of suspensions by controlling the interactions between the particles in a suspension. To achieve this we need to measure particle interactions and this is achieved using a modified form of atomic force microscopy, where a small, 10 micron, particle is attached to a small cantilever, about 100 micron in length. The interactions between the particle and another particle or surface is then determined. The bulk properties of the system include rheology and more recently structural determination using various scattering techniques.

Another interest which is utilises the same experimental techniques but has different applications is the area of cell and protein adhesion to surfaces and other cells. Again an atomic force microscope is used only now proteins or cells are attached to the small cantilever.


Materials Laboratory

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Spandagos C, Goudoulas TB, Luckham PF, et al., 2012, Surface Tension-Induced Gel Fracture. Part 1. Fracture of Agar Gels, Langmuir, Vol:28, ISSN:0743-7463, Pages:7197-7211

Zhang X, Luckham PF, Hughes AD, et al., 2011, Development of lysolipid-based thermosensitive liposomes for delivery of high molecular weight proteins, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Vol:421, ISSN:0378-5173, Pages:291-292

Buscall R, Choudhury TH, Faers MA, et al., 2009, Towards rationalising collapse times for the delayed sedimentation of weakly-aggregated colloidal gels, Soft Matter, Vol:5, ISSN:1744-683X, Pages:1345-1349

Behrouzi M, Luckham PF, 2008, Limitations of size-exclusion chromatography in analyzing petroleum asphaltenes: A proof by atomic force Microscopy, Energy & Fuels, Vol:22, ISSN:0887-0624, Pages:1792-1798

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