Imperial College London

Baiz Villafranca

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Computing




+44 (0)7916 253 021p.m.baiz




ACE ExtensionSouth Kensington Campus






Dr. Baiz research interests can be encompassed in the broad field of Computational Science & Engineering. This area of scientific knowledge is responsible for the increase productivity in many industrial sectors and together with “Theory” and “Experimentation” constitutes one of the pillars of Scientific Discoveries.


His specific research topic involves the development of a variety of numerical methods (e.g. Finite Element, Meshfree, Boundary Element) for the simulation of advanced materials and structures. This area is commonly referred as Computational Structural Mechanics


Composites structures are one of the key priorities in the Aerospace/Aeronautics sector. Therefore, my recent research involves development of techniques such as the eXtended Finite Element Method to efficiently simulate the complex failure process that occurs in these new materials.


Another recent area of interests involves Multifunctional Nano Composites. Increase pressure to improve efficiency means that whenever possible, engineering structural components should be able to perform multiple tasks (structures that can act as sensor or actuators, store/harvest energy, etc). This now represents a priority sector for many industries.