Imperial College London

Pedro M. Baiz V.

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Computing

Honorary Senior Research Fellow



+44 (0)7916 253 021p.m.baiz




ACE ExtensionSouth Kensington Campus






Dr. Baiz research interests can be encompassed in the broad field of "Transformational Data technologies". This involves:

  • Data Science (e.g. Machine Learning - ML)
  • Cyber Physical Systems - CPS (e.g. Internet of Things)
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies - DLT (e.g. Blockchains)

Cyber Physical Systems help to link the physical and digital worlds leading to huge amounts of data which continuous to grow (particularly with the advent of 5G). Machine learning can help unlock the maximum value from the data flowing these CPS. Finally, DLTs can help store the most valuable data to support a wide range of applications that require its features (e.g. immutability, distributed, transparency, etc).

All these data technologies can be critical enablers to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable world (e.g. 17 SDGs). In fact, concepts like the Circular Economy will only become possible thanks to their use (the waste of some organisations becomes the raw material of others).