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AB - We aimed to develop a quantitative antibody-based near infrared fluorescence (NIRF) approachfor the imaging of oxidized LDL in atherosclerosis. LO1, a well- characterized monoclonalautoantibody that reacts with malondialdehyde-conjugated LDL, was labeled with a NIRF dye toyield LO1-750. LO1-750 specifically identified necrotic core in ex vivo human coronary lesions.Injection of LO1-750 into high fat (HF) fed atherosclerotic Ldlr-/-mice led to specific focallocalization within the aortic arch and its branches, as detected by fluorescence moleculartomography (FMT) combined with micro-computed tomography (CT). Ex vivo confocalmicroscopy confirmed LO1-750 subendothelial localization of LO1-750 at sites ofatherosclerosis, in the vicinity of macrophages. When compared with a NIRF reporter of MMPactivity (MMPSense-645-FAST), both probes produced statistically significant increases inNIRF signal in the Ldlr-/- model in relation to duration of HF diet. When withdrawing the HFdiet, the reduction in oxLDL accumulation, as demonstrated with LO1-750, was less markedthan the effect seen on MMP activity. In the rabbit, in vivo injected LO1-750 localization wassuccessfully imaged ex vivo in aortic lesions with a customised intra-arterial NIRF detectioncatheter. A partially humanized chimeric LO1-Fab-Cys localized similarly to the parentantibody in murine atheroma showing promise for future translation.
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