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Senior Lecturer - Computing



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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Liu Y, McBrien P, 2017, Transactional and incremental type inference from data updates, Computer Journal, Vol:60, ISSN:0010-4620, Pages:347-368

Boyd, M, McBrien, et al., 2005, Comparing and transforming between data models via an intermediate hypergraph data model, Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics, Vol:4, ISSN:0302-9743, Pages:69-109


McBrien P, Poulovassilis A, 2018, Towards data visualisation based on conceptual modelling, Conceptual Modeling 37th International Conference, ER 2018, Springer, Pages:91-99, ISSN:0302-9743

McBrien PJ, Rizopoulos N, Smith AC, 2012, Type inference methods and performance for data in an RDBMS, SWIM '12 Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Semantic Web Information Management, ACM

McBrien PJ, Rizopoulos N, Smith AC, 2010, SQOWL: Type Inference in an RDBMS, 29th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, Pages:362-376, ISSN:0302-9743

Magnani, M., Rizopoulos, N., McBrien, P., et al., 2005, Schema integration based on uncertain semantic mappings, 24th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, 24 - 28 October 2005, Klagenfurt, Austia, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Pages:31-46

McBrien, P., Poulovassilis, A., 2003, Data integration by bi-directional schema transformation rules, 19th international conference on data engineering, Bangalore, India, 2003, IEEE, New York, Pages:227-238

McBrien, P.J., Poulovassilis, A., 2002, Schema evolution in heterogeneous database architectures, a schema transformation approach, Advanced information systems engineering: 14th international conference, CAiSE 2002 Toronto, Canada, 27 - 31 May 2002, Springer Verlag, Pages:484-499

McBrien, P., Poulovassilis, A., 1999, A Uniform Approach to Inter-Model Transformations, Proceedings of CAiSE'99, Springer-Verlag

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