Imperial College London

Dr Paul F. McKay

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Infectious Disease

Advanced Research Fellow



+44 (0)20 7594 2542p.mckay




125 (Shattock Group)Wright Fleming WingSt Mary's Campus




Guest Lectures

Enhancing vaccine-antigen elicited immunity: Adjuvants, Devices and Targeting, Case Western Reserve University: World Health Interest Group, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 2013

Antigen-specific T lymphocyte responses elicited by a GLA adjuvanted multi-component regimen, AIDS Vaccine 2012, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 2012

Pre-Clinical Evaluation of Vaccine Candidates, Medical Research Council - Clinical Trials Unit, Aviation House125 KingswayLondonWC2B 6NHUnited Kingdom, 2011

Intravaginal immunization using a novel antigen delivery device can elicit robust vaccine antigen-specific systemic and mucosal humoral immune responses., Europrise Network Annual Conference: Rational Design of HIV Vaccines and Microbicides, Prague, Czech Republic, 2011

Research Staff



ibzaro Yus,B



Research Student Supervision

Akpovwa,H, B Cell immune responses: Molecular analysis of vaccine-antigen induced peripheral B cell repertoires

Aldon,Y, Development of vaccine platforms for membrane display of surface antigens

Badamchi-Zadeh,A, Heterogeneous prime boost vaccines for Chlamydia trachomatis

Guven,M, HIV Vaccine-antigen B cell Immunity: Molecular analysis of peripheral systemic and mucosal repertoires

Jenkin,D, Isolation and Characterization of B cells from Semen

Kratochvil,S, Analysis of the recombinant CN54gp140 antigen-specific B cell antibody repertoire in HIV Vaccine recipients

Pinder,C, Characterisation of Humoral Responses to Chlamydia Trachomatis in Natural Infection Compared to Vaccination

Purcell,J, Expression Cloning of HIV neutralizing antibodies in a novel yeast production system

muir,L, The impact of HIV-1 vaccination on the composition of the human antibody repertoire responses by memory B cell subsets