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Romeo Mensah

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Research Associate of Stochastic Transport in Upper Ocean Dy



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6M26Huxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





My research combines techniques in infinitesimal stochastic analysis and classical analysis to study (S)PDEs arising from the dynamics of fluids as well as solvent-solute mixtures of polymeric type. More specifically, I study asymptotic limits to several scaled compressible and incompressible fluid equations that are driven by deterministic and/or random forces. I also analyse well-posedness and regularity results for the Navier-Stokes equations, Euler equations, Fokker-Planck equations and various other variation of these equations.

In summary, my main research interests may be classified under the following:

  • Analytical fluid dynamics,
  • Analytical material science,
  • Singular limit asymptotics,
  • Analysis of (stochastic) partial differential equations.



Breit D, Mensah PR, 2021, Local well-posedness of the compressible FENE dumbbell model of Warner type, Nonlinearity, Vol:34, ISSN:0951-7715, Pages:2715-2749

Breit D, Mensah PR, 2021, An Incompressible Polymer Fluid Interacting with a Koiter Shell, Journal of Nonlinear Science, Vol:31, ISSN:0938-8974

Donatelli D, Marcati P, Mensah PR, 2021, Dissipative martingale solutions of the stochastically forced Navier-Stokes-Poisson system on domains without boundary, Nonlinear Analysis-real World Applications, Vol:57, ISSN:1468-1218

Breit D, Mensah PR, 2020, Space-time approximation of parabolic systems with variable growth, Ima Journal of Numerical Analysis, Vol:40, ISSN:0272-4979, Pages:2505-2552

Mensah PR, 2020, A Multi-scale Limit of a Randomly Forced Rotating 3-D Compressible Fluid, Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, Vol:22, ISSN:1422-6928

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