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My research revolves around the development and deployment of creativity tools in the domains of design, innovation, and with a particular focus on the translation from research to enterprise with positive societal impact.

I believe in constructive collaboration within academia and externally with the industry. My key collaborators include universities such as Tsinghua, SJTU, CAA, and MD-H, and a series of incubators and accelerators for design, robotics, and digital technologies.

I am passionate about design and delivery of executive education programmes on innovation. Example activities within Imperial College include working with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and leading the Design Engineering modules for ‘Design for Sustainable Development Goals’ programme in 2023, and co-facilitating ‘Design Engineering and Advanced Aeronautical Engineering Training Programme for COMAC’ in 2020-21.  

Currently as the UK director for Design Intelligence Award (DIA), I am keen to promote innovative design and active in supporting design solutions to the global challenges such as climate change, sustainable development, pathway to net-zero, responsible AI, etc. Through nomination and evaluation innovative and responsible design are awarded to enhance their impact for the interests of society.



Childs PRN, Li W, Zhang J, et al., 2017, The effect of gravity on R410A condensing flow in horizontal circular tubes, Numerical Heat Transfer Part A: Applications, Vol:70, ISSN:1040-7782, Pages:327-340

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