Imperial College London

Professor Philip J. Parsons

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Senior Research Investigator







110EMolecular Sciences Research HubWhite City Campus





Professor Philip Parsons obtained his doctorate from the University of Southampton in organosulfur chemistry with Prof. R. C. Cookson FRS. This was followed by post doctoral research on the steroidal alkaloid germine with Prof. G. Stork. In 1979, he joined the faculty of chemistry at the University of Southampton. Prof. Parsons subsquently held chairs at the University of Reading and later Sussex University, before moving to Imperial College London as a senior research investigator in 2011.

Prof. Parsons was founder director of Cookson chemicals, later Tocris Cookson. Tocris Cookson won the Queen's award for industry in 2002 before becoming Tocris Bioscience a part of the Bio-Techne brand.




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Mies T, Patel C, Parsons PJ, et al., 2021, Biomimetic total syntheses of amorfrutins A, B, (S)-D and (R)-D and formal synthesis of amorfrutin C, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Vol:2021, ISSN:1099-0690, Pages:2540-2548

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