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Dr Peter K Petrov is a Principal Scientist at the Dept. of Materials and a Royce Technology Platform Lead for Diverse thin film device manufacture (Henry Royce Institute).  He is the director of the Thin Film Device Manufacture facility that provides the lead UK Universities and industrial partners with facilities for nano-scale thin film deposition, device patterning and electrical characterisation. 

Dr Petrov holds MSc (Physics and Engineering) and PhD (Technical Sciences) from St Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI), St Petersburg, Russia. He joined the Department of Materials at Imperial College London in February 2007. He moved to Imperial from the London South Bank University where, for almost a decade, he worked as Senior Research Scientist. Prior to his appointment at LSBU, he worked at the Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden).

Dr PK Petrov is the course director of the “Advanced Thin Films Manufacturing Technologies” course, which he developed and delivers to the master students at the Dept. of Materials, Imperial College London. He is also a lecturer in the “Nanomaterials I” course, where he delivers a module on “Thin Film Devices”.

Dr Petrov is internationally known for his research into functional oxide thin films and microwave tunable devices.  Currently, he leads EPSRC and EU sponsored projects and is involved as a co-PI or Key Investigator in several other research projects aimed to develop nano-scale thin films and structures for solar energy harvesting and active plasmonic devices. Over the last five years, his research group of 2 PDRAs and 5 PhD and MSc students has developed the first-ever thin TFBAR with the electrical tuning of the resonance frequency; developed a method for the fabrication of ferroelectrics based multilayers with atomically sharp interfaces; fabricated ultra-thin BST layers with enormous tunability and antipolar switching behaviour; experimentally confirmed the negative capacitance in ferroelectrics based multilayers at room temperature.

Most recently, Dr Petrov's collaboration with scientists from the King’s College Hospital and the King’s College London resulted in the development of a novel method that uses surface profilometry to quantitate the resorption on bone discs and measure the osteoclastic activity. This method was successfully used to identify a way to reverse pathological bone resorption in patients with diabetes.

Dr Petrov is the main contributing author of more than 70 high impact factor scientific papers (h=25) and inventor of five patents (two patents were transferred to Ericsson AB).  He is regularly invited to deliver lectures to national, international fora and industrial partners (Ericsson AB, Murata Manufacturing Co., etc.). 

Since May 2011, Dr PK Petrov is also the Dept. of Materials’ Health and Safety Officer and Laser Safety Advisor.




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