Imperial College London

Mr Prakash P Punjabi

Faculty of MedicineNational Heart & Lung Institute

Professor of Practice (Cardiothoracic Surgery)



+44 (0)20 3313 2026p.punjabi Website




BN2/25 B BlockHammersmith HospitalHammersmith Campus





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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Punjabi PP, 2015, Surgeon-specific mortality data: bury your head in the sand, European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Vol:47, ISSN:1010-7940, Pages:346-347

Punjabi PP, 2014, Collective Excellence: The "Heart" MDT, Perfusion-UK, Vol:29, ISSN:0267-6591, Pages:284-284

Punjabi PP, 2014, The Science of Politics and The Politicization of Science, Perfusion-UK, Vol:29, ISSN:0267-6591, Pages:101-101

Punjabi PP, Taylor KM, 2014, The science and practice of cardiopulmonary bypass: From cross circulation to ECMO and SIRS., Global Cardiology Science & Practice, Vol:32, ISSN:2305-7823, Pages:249-260

Punjabi PP, 2013, Indispensible? No, not really, but nearly, Perfusion-UK, Vol:28, ISSN:0267-6591, Pages:470-471

Vohra HA, Whistance RN, De Kerchove L, et al., 2013, Valve-preserving surgery on the bicuspid aortic valve, European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery, Vol:43, ISSN:1873-734X, Pages:888-898

Punjabi PP, Chan KMJ, 2012, Technique for Chordae Replacement in Mitral Valve Repair, Annals of Thoracic Surgery, Vol:94, ISSN:0003-4975, Pages:2139-2140

Chan KMJ, Punjabi PP, Flather M, et al., 2012, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery With or Without Mitral Valve Annuloplasty in Moderate Functional Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation Final Results of the Randomized Ischemic Mitral Evaluation (RIME) Trial, Circulation, Vol:126, ISSN:0009-7322, Pages:2502-+

Attaran S, Anderson J, Punjabi P, 2012, Robotic mitral valve surgery: how soon will we be moving away from open heart surgery?, Future Cardiol, Vol:8, Pages:797-799

Punjabi PP, 2012, Wisdom is knowing you know nothing, Perfusion-UK, Vol:27, ISSN:0267-6591, Pages:454-454

More Publications