Imperial College London

Dr Pierre-François Rodriguez

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics



+44 (0)20 7594 8548p.rodriguez Website




656Huxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





My main research area is probability theory, with a special interest in problems related to physics, in particular problems concerning phase transitions and random media.

Please visit my personal homepage for more information.



Drewitz A, Prevost A, Rodriguez P-F, 2021, Cluster capacity functionals and isomorphism theorems for Gaussian free fields, Probability Theory and Related Fields, Vol:183, ISSN:0178-8051, Pages:255-313

Rodriguez P-F, 2019, On pinned fields, interlacements, and random walk on (Z/NZ)2, Probability Theory and Related Fields, Vol:173, ISSN:0178-8051, Pages:1265-1299

Drewitz A, Prévost A, Rodriguez P-F, 2018, The sign clusters of the massless gaussian free field percolate on {Z}^{d}, d⩾ 3 (and more), Communications in Mathematical Physics, Vol:362, ISSN:0010-3616, Pages:513-546

Biskup M, Rodriguez P-F, 2018, Limit theory for random walks in degenerate time-dependent random environments, Journal of Functional Analysis, Vol:274, ISSN:0022-1236, Pages:985-1046

Rodriguez P-F, 2017, A 0–1 law for the massive Gaussian free field, Probability Theory and Related Fields, Vol:169, ISSN:0178-8051, Pages:901-930

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