Imperial College London

Pedro Rosa Dias

Business School

Associate Professor of Health Economics







389Business School BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Pedro Rosa Dias works on health economics in developing countries, inequalities in health and healthcare and the effects of educational policy on health outcomes. Before joining Imperial College London he held academic positions at the Universities of Sussex and York. Pedro has a PhD in Economics from the University of York and an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics.



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Rosa Dias JP, Karen G, Marcos VH, et al., 2022, Estimating the impact of trained midwives and upgraded health facilities on institutional delivery rates in Nigeria using a quasi-experimental study design, Bmj Open, ISSN:2044-6055

Rosa Dias JP, Darzi A, Eyal N, 2020, COVID-19 Challenge Trials Would Save Lives And Avert Years In Poverty By Significant Margins, Health Affairs Blog

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