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Rutter P, 2013, A brief history of urban energy systems as exemplified by London, Urban Energy Systems An Integrated Approach, Publisher: Routledge, Pages: 26-46, ISBN: 9780415529013

Whether we live in a small town of just a few hundred or a megalopolis of more than 10 million, we depend on energy to ... Urban Energy Systems: An Integrated Approach is an attempt to capture the changing nature of these complex systems.

Book chapter

Rutter P, Keirstead J, 2012, A brief history and the possible future of urban energy systems, Energy Policy, Vol: 50, Pages: 72-80, ISSN: 0301-4215

Modern cities depend on energy systems to deliver a range of services such as heating, cooling, lighting, mobility, communications, and so on. This article examines how these urban energy systems came to be, tracing the major transitions from the earliest settlements through to today's fossil-fuelled cities. The underlying theme is “increasing efficiency under constraints” with each transition marked by increasing energy efficiency in service provision, increasing per capita energy use, increasing complexity in the energy system's structure, with innovations driven by a strategic view of the overall system, and accompanied by wider changes in technology and society. In developed countries, the future of urban energy systems is likely to continue many of these trends, with increased efficiency being driven by the constraints of climate change and rising fuel prices. Both supply and demand side technologies are discussed as potential solutions to these issues, with different impacts on the urban environment and its citizens. However in developing countries, rising urban populations and access to basic energy services will drive the next transition.

Journal article

Clarke J, Fenton CH, Gens A, Jardine RJ, Martin C, Nethercot DA, Nishimura S, Olivella S, Reifen C, Rutter P, Strasser F, Toumi Ret al., 2008, A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Assess the Impact of Global Climate Change on Infrastructure in Cold Regions, Fairbanks, Alaska, 9th International Conference on Permafrost, Publisher: Institute of Northern Engineering, UAF, Pages: 279-284

Conference paper

Hugo A, Rutter P, Pistikopoulos S, Amorelli A, Zoia Get al., 2005, Hydrogen infrastructure strategic planning using multi-objective optimization, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, Vol: 30, Pages: 1523-1534, ISSN: 0360-3199

Journal article

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