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I am a Research Fellow in the Statistics Section, working under Dr Andrew Duncan. My research interests lie in Bayesian inference and machine learning applied to aeronautics - in particular the design of blades and their aerothermal environments. I am also interested in electroaerodynamics.

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Seshadri P, Yuchi S, Parks GT, et al., 2020, Supporting multi-point fan design with dimension reduction, Aeronautical Journal, Vol:124, ISSN:0001-9240, Pages:1371-1398

Seshadri P, Constantine P, Iaccarino G, et al., 2016, A density-matching approach for optimization under uncertainty, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol:305, ISSN:0045-7825, Pages:562-578

Scillitoe A, Seshadri P, Girolami M, Uncertainty Quantification for Data-driven Turbulence Modelling with Mondrian Forests

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