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Professor of Molecular Plant Pathology



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Organiser, AMB. (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, APP. (Undergraduate)

Tutor, CB. (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, EIM. (Undergraduate)

Supervisor, Final Year Projects. (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, MPMI. (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, OB. (Undergraduate)

Supervisor, Plant Biotechnology. (Postgraduate)

Tutor, TD. (Postgraduate)

Symbiosis, Plant Immunity and Disease - LIFE96034


The course will cover the molecular features of a number of representative plant-microbe interactions. Special emphasis will be given to Rhizobium/legume interactions, virus/host interactions, fungal and bacterial diseases and mycorrhizal fungi. The course comprises of a series of lectures, which develop themes relative to each particular type of interaction. These themes will be extended during a series of small group tutorials, which are intended to allow students to develop ideas and produce improved essay work. Students will also be asked to produce two presentations including a literature review, which will require an extensive knowledge of the lecture course together with information gleaned from outside reading from the list of references provided.