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Peter Stafford is a Professor of Engineering Seismology within in the Structures section of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. His principle areas of investigation and expertise relate to the fields of Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering. However, he also maintains active research interests in applications of probabilistic methods to engineering applications (Structural Reliability Theory), and applied Structural Dynamics.

Prof. Stafford initially became of member of faculty in 2007 as a Lecturer in Modelling Engineering Risk. Since that time he has contributed to teaching at late-stage MEng, MSc & PhD levels. Given that the majority of his students are very close to entering industry, he draws upon the experience he gained prior to entering academia as both a Structural and Geotechnical engineering consultant. He also draws upon his recent and ongoing research-driven consulting activities to provide realistic examples and appropriate industrial context for his teaching.

Currently, Prof. Stafford serves as the Director of the MSc programme in Advanced Structural Engineering and also holds the role of Department Careers Adviser.


An indicative sample of recent and ongoing areas of activity can be found at Prof. Stafford’s research page. However, this page focusses upon his activity in Engineering Seismology and Seismic Risk. A more generic view of his research interests are provided in the list below:

Engineering Seismology

  • Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis
  • Development of ground-motion models
  • Advanced approaches to regression analysis

Earthquake Engineering

  • Probabilistic seismic demand analysis
  • Earthquake loss estimation
  • Incremental dynamic analysis

Dynamic Response of Bridges

  • Earthquake response of conventional and under-deck cable-stayed bridges
  • Pedestrian-induced vibration, human-structure interaction, and advanced load modelling
  • Vehicle-structure interaction

Structural Reliability

  • Reliability of components and systems
  • Reliability methods in Engineering Seismology & Earthquake Engineering

Tensegrity Structures

  • Stability of Tensegrity systems
  • Design of Tensegrities for variable load scenarios

Dr Stafford has benefited from the interaction with a number of PhD students over the years and is continually looking for opportunities to work with technically strong and highly-motivated potential candidates. Expressions of interest in joining his group can be made directly via email, or by following the standard application routes on the College website.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Stafford PJ, 2019, Continuous integration of data into ground-motion models using Bayesian updating, Journal of Seismology, Vol:23, ISSN:1383-4649, Pages:39-57

Stafford PJ, 2017, Interfrequency correlations among Fourier spectral ordinates and implications for stochastic ground‐motion simulation, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol:107, ISSN:0037-1106, Pages:2774-2791

Stafford PJ, Rodriguez-Marek A, Edwards B, et al., 2017, Scenario dependence of linear site-effect factors for short-period response spectral ordinates, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol:107, ISSN:0037-1106, Pages:2859-2872

Stafford PJ, Sullivan TJ, Pennucci D, 2016, Empirical correlation between inelastic and elastic spectral displacement demands, Earthquake Spectra, Vol:32, ISSN:8755-2930, Pages:1419-1448

Stafford PJ, 2015, Extension of the Random-Effects Regression Algorithm to Account for the Effects of Nonlinear Site Response, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol:105, ISSN:0037-1106, Pages:3196-3202

Stafford PJ, 2014, Crossed and nested mixed‐effects approaches for enhanced model development and removal of the ergodic assumption in empirical ground‐motion models, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol:104, ISSN:0037-1106, Pages:702-719

More Publications