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Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Aeronautics

Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics



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AB - There is provided a device for maintaining a vascular connection comprising a vein- supporting section and an artery-supporting section. The centreline of the vein-supporting section and the centreline of the artery-supporting section meet at an intersection point which defines the origin of a right-handed Cartesian coordinate system. The centreline of the artery-supporting section is arcuate and lies in the region y<=0 and has a tangent parallel to the x axis at the origin and wherein the artery-supporting section is configured to carry blood flow in a direction from negative x towards positive x. A tangent of the centreline of the vein-supporting section at the origin has direction [cos (Θ) sin (Φ), sin (Θ) sin (Φ), ± cos (Φ)], where Φ is in the range 225 to 270 degrees and Θ is in the range 200 to 300 degrees.
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