Imperial College London

Professor Peter Vincent

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Aeronautics

Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics



+44 (0)20 7594 1975p.vincent




211City and Guilds BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





I am a Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics and EPSRC Fellow in the department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London. I am interested in the development of novel numerical methods and their application to solve hitherto intractable fluid flow problems in various areas of science and engineering. I am particularly interested in theoretical aspects of high-order numerical methods for unstructured grids, as well as their implementation for modern hardware platforms.



Witherden F, Vincent P, 2021, On nodal point sets for Flux Reconstruction, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol:381, ISSN:0377-0427, Pages:1-14

Loppi NA, Witherden FD, Jameson A, et al., 2019, Locally adaptive pseudo-time stepping for high-order Flux Reconstruction, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol:399, ISSN:0021-9991

Zhou X, Vincent P, Zhou X, et al., 2019, Optimization of 3-D Divergence-Free Flow Field Reconstruction Using 2-D Ultrasound Vector Flow Imaging, Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, Vol:45, ISSN:0301-5629, Pages:3042-3055

Iyer A, Witherden F, Chernyshenko S, et al., 2019, Identifying eigenmodes of averaged small-amplitude perturbations to turbulent channel flow, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol:875, ISSN:0022-1120, Pages:758-780


Koch MK, Kelly PHJ, Vincent PE, 2019, Towards in-situ vortex identification for peta-scale CFD using contour trees, 8th IEEE Symposium on Large-Scale Data Analysis and Visualization (LDAV), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Pages:104-105

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