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AB - In this study the graphical-processing-unit-accelerated solver PyFR is used to simulate flow over a NACA0021 aerofoil in deep stall at a Reynolds number of 270,000 using the high-order flux reconstruction approach.Wall-resolved implicit large-eddy simulations are undertaken on unstructured hexahedral meshes at fourth- and fifth-order accuracy in space. It was found that either modal filtering or antialiasing via an approximate L2 projection is required in order to stabilize simulations. Time-span-averaged pressure coefficient distributions on the aerofoil and associated lift and drag coefficients are seen to converge toward experimental data as the simulation setup is made more realistic by increasing the aerofoil span. Indeed, the lift and drag coefficients obtained by fifth-order implicit large-eddy simulation with antialiasing via an approximate L2 projection agree better with experimental data than a wide range of previous studies. Stabilization via modal filtering, however, is found to reduce solution accuracy. Finally, performance of various PyFR simulations is compared, and it is found that fifth-order simulations with antialiasing via an L2 projection are the most efficient. Results indicate that high-order flux reconstruction schemes with antialiasing via an L2 projection are a good candidate for underpinning accurate wall- resolved implicit large-eddy simulation of separated, turbulent flows over complex engineering geometries.
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