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Exposome and health

We are conducting a large work programme in biomarker research which helps to underpin the Centre research themes, by developing and validating biological (internal) markers and incorporating them into epidemiological research. For detailed information please click here.

non-communicable diseases and climate change

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IARC Monographs programme (International Agency for Research on Cancer Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans)

Guest Lectures

Berkeley, UCSF, Invited lecture on Ethical issues in large prospective studies, Berkeley University, Dept. of Epidemiology, UCSF, Berkeley, 2010

Washington, National Academy of Sciences – Workshop “Exposome”, invited lecture on Environment and Cancer, National Academy of Sciences, conference on "Exposome", NAS, Washington, 2010

Rotterdam University, Dept. of Public Health – Invited lecture: “Will GWAS revolutionize Public Health?”, Rotterdam University, Dept of Public Health, Rotterdam, 2010

Palermo, The Science Fair. Invited lecture on “Public understanding of science: Genetics”, Science Fair, Palermo, 2009

Bochum, Meeting on occupational bladder cancer. Invited lecture on “Aromatic amines: a history”, Bochum University, Bochum, 2009

Florence, ICEM. Workshop on Genome-wide Association Studies (organizer), ICEM, International Conference on Environmental Mutagens, Florence, 2009

Leeds, Meeting of the UK Environmental Mutagenesis Society. Lecture on Biomarkers in Longitudinal Studies, Meeting of UK Environmental Mutagenesis Society, Leeds, 2009

Lyon, International Agency for Research on Meeting on Gene-environment interactions (NCI, IARC, HuGeNet). Lecture on “GEI models for cancer", International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, 2009

Bruxelles, ECNIS meeting – Invited lecture on Biomarkers in longitudinal studies, Bruxelles, ECNIS meeting, 2009

Atlanta, Centre for Disease Control, 23-25 January: “HuGENet Workshop: Networks, Genome-Wide Association Studies, and the Knowledge Base on Genetic Variation and Human Health”. Lecture on DNA repair., 2008

Malmo, Serono Conference on Genes, environment, lifestyle interaction and human reproduction, 7-9 February: Gene-environment interactions in cancer, 2008

Oxford, Sir Richard Doll Lecture, 19 February: The etiology of lymphomas, 2008

Barcelona, ECNIS meeting, 3-5 March: Lectures on Study design in prospective studies; Mutations in Plasma DNA; and, 2008

Leuven University, 6 March: International Symposium on Smoking Cessation: GSK invited lecture on the global effects of smoking, 2008

University of Geneva, Montreux, 1st April: Causation in biomedical sciences, philosophical and historical aspects, 2008

Imperial College, London, ECNIS-EPIC Workshop, 21 April: –Omics in epidemiologic research on nutrition, 2008

Torino, 28-30 may, European Educational Programme in Epidemiology Workshop: Epidemiology in the new century., 2008

Firenze, Meeting on Complexity in Sciences, 14 June: Complexity in epidemiology, 2008

Mantova, “Festivaletteratura”, 6 September: Lecture on genetic research, 2008