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Panos is a postdoctoral research associate in the Section of Biomolecular Medicine, Division of Computational and Systems Medicine. His research is focused on metabolic profiling using LC-MS, DESI-MS Imaging and NMR techniques. He is focusing on developing untargeted metabolic and lipid profiling methodologies, with the ultimate goal of expanding metabolome coverage. He has a special interest in tandem MS for metabolite/lipid structural assignment. His projects are predominately under the themes of cardiovascular disease and risk-factors, but also inflammation, cancer and nutrition.

He is a PhD graduate of Imperial College London. For his PhD thesis he applied metabonomics/metabolomics in cardiovascular disease, with emphasis on lipidomics applications on tissue and blood from patients with atherosclerosis and ectopic cardiovascular calcification. His thesis was entitled ‘Metabolic profiling and pathway mapping of cardiovascular disease’.

He received an MSc degree in Clinical Chemistry from the University of Athens, Greece (2008). His internship was conducted at a clinical laboratory of a local hospital, while his thesis was under the theme of cancer molecular diagnostics. He obtained a BSc degree in Chemistry (2006), from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. During his undergraduate studies he had the opportunity of an internship at the Doping Control Lab during the 2004 Olympic Games of Athens, Greece. For his undergraduate dissertation he obtained training in HPLC and extraction techniques such as SPE and SPME in bioanalysis.

Public Outreach

Imperial College London and the Division of CSM are commited in delivering outreach activities to the public, through ICL Outreach and CSM Outreach.  We hold a special interest in inspiring the younger generations to become the future scientists. Panos is also a STEMNET ambassador, a scheme that provides STEM professionals the ability to get involved in outreach activities, with opportunities to receive training and significant support.

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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Vorkas PA, Abellona U MR, Li JV, 2018, Tissue Multiplatform-Based Metabolomics/Metabonomics for Enhanced Metabolome Coverage., Pages:239-260

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