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Patrick Brandl is a Doctoral Researcher within the Centre for Process System Engineering (CPSE), the Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP), and the Clean Fossil Fuel and Bioenergy Research Group (CleanFaB) at the Imperial College London.

He earned both his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Master’s degree in Chemical Process Technology from the Technical University of Munich. Patrick is an Associate Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and an Early Career Research member at the UK CCS Research Centre. He published a peer reviewed article evaluating the cooling demand of post-combustion CO2 capture plants and represented Imperial at international conferences.

Patrick's multi-scale modelling: Impact of thermodynamic properties on process costs

Patrick leads international research activities in the techno-economic assessment of climate change mitigation technologies, including Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). He is pursuing a PhD in multi-scale modelling of CO2 capture processes and links molecular thermodynamics with process engineering (see figure for a recent highlight of Patrick's work).

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Brandl P, Soltani SM, Fennell PS, et al., 2017, Evaluation of cooling requirements of post-combustion CO2 capture applied to coal-fired power plants, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Vol:122, ISSN:1744-3598, Pages:1-10

Lee JM, Rochelle G, Styring P, et al., 2016, CCS - A technology for now: general discussion., Faraday Discussions, Vol:192, ISSN:1359-6640, Pages:125-151

Smit B, Styring P, Wilson G, et al., 2016, Modelling - from molecules to megascale: general discussion, Faraday Discussions, Vol:192, ISSN:1359-6640, Pages:493-509

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