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Patrick Henriksen is a PhD candidate in the Verification of Autonomous Systems (VAS) group at Imperial College London.  His research concerns developing principled solutions to formal verification, robust training, and repair of neural networks. He leads the development of the VeriNet toolkit, a symbolic interval propagation-based formal verification toolkit for neural networks.



Leofante F, Henriksen P, Lomuscio A, 2023, Verification-friendly networks: the case for parametric ReLUs, International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2023), IEEE, Pages:1-9

Henriksen P, Lomuscio A, 2023, Robust training of neural networks against bias field perturbations, AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI23), AAAI, Pages:14865-14873, ISSN:2374-3468

Henriksen P, Leofante F, Lomuscio A, 2022, Repairing misclassifications in neural networks using limited data, SAC '22, Pages:1031-1038

Henriksen P, Hammernik K, Rueckert D, et al., Bias Field Robustness Verification of Large Neural Image Classifiers, British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC21)

Henriksen P, Lomuscio A, 2021, DEEPSPLIT: An Efficient Splitting Method for Neural Network Verification via Indirect Effect Analysis, Pages:2549-2555, ISSN:1045-0823

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