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Dr Paul Westacott

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences

Visiting Researcher



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Paul is an energy researcher working in the Centre for Energy Policy and Technology focusing on renewable energy. 

Paul's research is currently centred around understanding the potential impacts of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy within the UK. This work is focused on characterising all of the current PV systems are within the UK, both in terms of the location and market segment, e.g. are they mounted on a roof? Or perhaps as part of a solar farm? 

The research is also focused upon understanding what the impacts of connecting more PV to the electricity network in the future could be and how any negative impacts could be mitigated. This involves investigating enabling technologies such as: electricity storage, demand-side management, advanced inverter capabilities etc.

The work is funded by the EPSRC through the PV2025 project, which is a collaborative research project between Imperial College London and the Centre for Renewable Energy System Technology, Loughborough.

Paul completed his Masters and PhD as part of the first cohort of students within the Doctoral Training Centre for Plastic Electronics at Imperial College, where he specialised in the processing and characterisation of Organic PV solar cells with Prof. Natalie Stingelin. 

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Westacott P, Candelise C, 2015, Assessing the electricity generation and grid feed-in of PV deployment within the UK, 10th Photovoltaic Science Application and Technology (PVSAT-10)

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