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Peter Schmid is Chair Professor of Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics at Imperial College London. Before joining Imperial he held a research director position at the French National Research Agengy (CNRS) and was Professor (PCC) of Mechanics at Ecole Polytechnique in France. He did his undergraduate and graduate studies in aerospace engineering at the Technical University Munich and obtained his doctoral degree in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, after which he joined the faculty of the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.  

His main research interests lie in theoretical and computational fluid mechanics with an emphasis on hydrodynamic stability theory, flow control, model reduction, system identification and the analysis of a wide range of fluid flows using adjoint, sensitivity and optimisation techniques. He is also interested in quantitative flow analysis using data-driven decomposition methods. 




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Margaritis AT, Sayadi T, Marxen O, et al., 2021, Linear analysis of n-periodic fluid systems: An application to wake synchronization, Pages:1-11

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