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Peter Smith explores the link between research evidence and public policy, especially in the health domain. He is particularly interested in the way that rigorous economic methodology can be adapted and used to inform health policy. Previous work has explored areas such as provider payment methods, strategic resource allocation, hospital waiting times and the behavioural consequences of provider performance measurement.

Current work is focusing predominantly on international comparison and economic aspects of global health. Topics include:

  • the comparison of health system performance (especially efficiency);
  • methods to select the basket of health services to be publicly funded, especially in low and middle income settings;
  • the transition towards universal health coverage
  • links between the health system and the broader economy.

Guest Lectures

Models of weighted capitation for primary health care, Seminar on Financing Primary Health Care, Brazilian Ministry of Health, Brasilia, 2019

Re-thinking health and wellbeing: how health systems contribute to economic and societal progress, European Observatory seminar on Health and Wellbeing, 74th UN General Assembly, New York, 2019

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Reframing the dialogue between health and finance on investing in health systems, World Health Organization Conference on Health Systems for Prosperity and Solidarity, Tallinn, 2018

The role of health economics in a ‘Post-Truth’ Era, Opening Plenary, UK Health Economics Study Group, London, 2018

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