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 I have obtained my first degree at the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary and subsequently my DPhil degree at the University of Oxford. After completing my post graduate studies, I did my post-doctoral studies at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. I was appointed Lecturer in Photonics in 2002 at Imperial College London and in 2006 I was promoted to Reader in Optics and in 2009 to Professor of Optical Physics. My research interests include the theory of electromagnetic problems, diffraction, focusing and microscopy with especial emphasis on confocal microscopy and optical data storage. For more information visit our group's webpage

Physics Department (Blackett Laboratory) 
Imperial College, London SW7 2BZ 
Office: 609 Blackett Laboratory 
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Torok P, Foreman MR, 2019, Precision and informational limits in inelastic optical spectroscopy, Scientific Reports, Vol:9, ISSN:2045-2322, Pages:1-16

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