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I am currently employed in the Faculty of Natural Science (FoNS) as a Learning Technologist. In the FoNS Ed-Tech team our role is to support student learning through technology enhanced learning solutions supported by the college. This involves developing teaching solutions and supporting lecturers in the transformation of the curriculum.  

Prior to joining the Ed-Tech team I was employed with Generic Robotics (GR), developing virtual reality (VR) training in the undergraduate dental domain using tool-based (haptic) robots to learn about human anatomy and clinical dental procedures.

At Imperial from 2010 to 2015 I was employed as Research Associate in the Faculty of Medicine under Dr Fernando Bello, Professor of Surgical Computing and Simulation Science. In this post I developed a successful e-learning prototype to help induct health-care professionals to their role in the HASU. The focus was for trainee doctors and nurses. The prototype was successfully used in the Charing Cross HASU to induct Doctors, Nurses and Therapists in their roles and also at St Georges HASU for one-to-one training in thrombolysis for Nurses. The prototype has also been released to the NHS community as part of the UK Stroke Forum for Education and Training. 

Before joining Imperial, I was a Researcher at the Human Computer Interaction Design (HCID) centre at City University London working on developing tools for medical handovers. I developed a successful application using digital pen and paper technology. This tool was used to help communicate handover information between district general hospitals and the acute paediatric intensive care unit (PICU). It was designed and implemented in a collaboration with the Childrens'' Acute Transport Service (CATS) and Digital Field Solutions (DFSL). This was trialled at Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2010. 

My earlier research work included  3D graphics in television with the QMUL in collaboration with the BBC R&D, and an Air-Traffic Control simulation with ENAV (the Italian Air Traffic Control organisation). I have also worked as a lecturer for a number of years. Since 2007 I have been teaching C and more recently C at City, University of London. In 2003 for two years I worked as a ICT lecturer in further education.

In the late 1990''s I worked as 3D graphics programmer and animator for ITN writing scientific and graphics software for broadcast news programmes.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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More Publications