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Dr Philip Miller received his PhD. from the Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2004. Following postdoctoral research at Imperial College (2004-2007),  he was awarded an EPSRC-LSI Fellowship at Imperial College and Aarhus University PET Centre in Denmark (2007-2011). Philip is now a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry.  His research interests include:  [1] the development of PET tracer molecules using the short-lived isotopes carbon-11, fluorine-18 and gallium-68; [2] the application of microfluidic flow reactors for chemical synthesis; [3] design of novel ligands and transition metal coordination complexes for homogenous catalysis. 

PhD positions: 

PhD positions are available throughout the year but usually start in October. A number of scholarships are available through Imperial College and other funding bodies for eligible high calibre candidates. Please contact me with informal enquires: 

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Apps SL, White AJP, Miller PW, et al., 2018, Synthesis and reactivity of an N-triphos Mo(0) dinitrogen complex, Dalton Transactions, Vol:47, ISSN:1477-9234, Pages:11386-11396

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