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Dr Pierangela Sabbattini is an epigenetics and immune cell biologist. She carried out her undergraduate degree in Biology and her PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Milan, Italy. She was awarded a University of Milan International Fellowship to carry out her postdoctoral training in London where she soon joined Prof Niall Dillon’s lab at the MRC CSC Institute (now LMS), working on the epigenetic regulation of the surrogate light chain locus in B lymphocytes and on epigenetic chromatin changes associated with cell differentiation. She obtained an MRC Senior Research Scientist position (2002) and an Imperial College Honorary Lectureship (2007) in Prof Dillon’s lab at the MRC LMS, where she worked till 2021 on gene regulation during B cell activation, the role of the RUNX factors in BCR signalling and aspects of plasma cell gene regulation and plasma cell death. Since 2021, she joined as senior PDRA Prof Tassos Karadimitris’ lab (The Hugh and Josseline Langmuir Centre for Myeloma Research - Department of Immunology and Inflammation - Imperial College London) to study the role of epigenetic factors as dependencies in multiple myeloma. In 2023 she was awarded a Blood Fund fellowship and her research work is funded by a Blood Cancer UK grant.