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My research focuses on establishing non-invasive methods for disease detection and monitoring. Within this theme of research, I have developed specific interest in the application of exhaled breath analysis and radiological assessment of human body composition for the purpose of cancer early detection, therapeutic monitoring and prognostication.

This work seeks to define the underpinning tumour biology and complex role of the onco-microbial axis in VOC production in intestinal cancer. Central to this has been the development of reliable in vivo and in vitro models in which to explore the origins of VOCs. Once known, we propose to exploit these mechanisms to augment VOC production and hence improve the diagnostic performance of the intended breath test for cancer early detection.

My other research focuses on the analysis of CT parameters of body composition in patients treated with oesophageal cancer. Initial studies have sought to define reliable high throughput methods for non-invasive assessment in clinical practice. Subsequent studies will determine their role within future clinical practice.



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