Imperial College London

Dr Qadeer Arshad

Faculty of MedicineFaculty of Medicine Centre

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer



+44 (0)20 3313 5527q.arshad




Lab BlockCharing Cross Campus







Sharif M, Saman Y, Burling R, et al., 2023, Altered visual conscious awareness in patients with vestibular dysfunctions; a cross-sectional observation study, Journal of the Neurological Sciences, Vol:448, ISSN:0022-510X

Saman Y, Sharif M, Lee A, et al., 2023, Sex-disease dimorphism underpins enhanced motion sickness susceptibility in primary adrenal insufficiency: a cross-sectional observational study, Experimental Brain Research, Vol:241, ISSN:0014-4819, Pages:1199-1206

Arshad Q, Cousins S, Golding JF, et al., 2023, Factors influencing clinical outcome in vestibular neuritis – A focussed review and reanalysis of prospective data, Journal of the Neurological Sciences, Vol:446, ISSN:0022-510X, Pages:1-7

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