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My PhD, titled "Factors Affecting the Specific Productivity of Pichia pastoris" focused on using the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris as a heterologous expression platform for protein production. My research involved analysing the secretory stress through overproducing recombinant proteins by looking at the unfolded protein response (UPR) in multi-copy clones. This led to an indepth exploration of genetic stability when integrating multiple cognate genes. Furthermore, I investigated, using transcriptomic analysis, the impact of clonal variation on expression strains .

Since my PhD my research into P. pastoris has continued first through a Leverhulme Trust funded postdoc investigating using P. pastoris for biopharmaceutical applications by determining the impact of specific Golgi-related genes on glycosylation patterns. I was named researcher on a proof-of-concept project sponsored by BBSRC BioProNET investigating the feasibility of using P. pastoris for cell free protein synthesis (CFPS).

I have also been a researcher on Frontiers in Engineering, continuing the work on the novel P. pastoris CFPS platform and investigating the ability to produce the anti-HIV antibody VRC01.

Since December 2017 I have been a named researcher on the EPSRC Future Vaccine Manufacturing Hub, where I am responsible for the generation of a novel P. pastoris expression platform. 



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