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After an early career in the armed forces (overseas), Ricky (Reetoo) Banarsee graduated in Psychology before embarking a career in healthcare. He was appointed Senior Tutor (Mental Health) at Shenley Hospital/NWLHT in 1986 and later entered general management as Head of Mental Health Community Services in Brent. In the early 1990’s he worked on a DH project with Westminster Social Services setting up the Joint Homeless Team in West London before being appointed as Head of Mental Health Education for North West London College. In 2000 he was appointed as the Director of the Applied Research Unit (NHS Brent) and the West London Primary Care Research Network (WeLReN) based  at Imperial College. Ricky also Senior Research Fellow at Imperial and a Visiting Professor at New Bucks University has been involved in many of the major innovations which have shaped West London Primary Care Research over the last 15 years including the setting up of the WeLReN, CLRN, PCRN_GL, CLARHC and West London Primary Care Consortium (WLPCC). He has an active overseas portfolio which includes advisory consultancy to the Child Mental Health Services in Kiev. He is presently advising the Govt of Mauritius and the Open University of Mauritius in setting up a Masters in Public Health.  He is also a member of the WHO Collaborating Centre based at Imperial College and Member of the Faculty of Public Health.




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