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Dr Ross Booton

Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Honorary Research Associate



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Bay 1, DIDEMedical SchoolSt Mary's Campus





I am a Research Associate working on HIV transmission models of men who have sex with men in China. I am investigating the feasibility and impact of a crowdsourced intervention to increase HIV testing using mathematical models.

I did my PhD at the University of Sheffield modelling multi-scale ecological stressors within an epidemiological framework.


Booton, R. D., Yamaguchi, R., Marshall, J. A., Childs, D. Z., & Iwasa, Y. (2018). Interactions between immunotoxicants and parasite stress: implications for host health. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 445, 120-127.

Goldfield, A., Booton, R. D., & Marston, J. (2018). Modeling the role of fire and cooking in the competitive exclusion of Neanderthals. Journal of Human Evolution 124, 91-104.

Booton, R. D., Yamaguchi, R., & Iwasa, Y. (in press). A population model for diapausing multivoltine insects under asymmetric cannibalism. Population Ecology.

Booton, R. D., Iwasa, Y., Marshall, J. A., & Childs, D. Z. (2017). Stress-mediated Allee effects can cause the sudden collapse of honey bee colonies. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 420, 213-219.

Ă˜iestad, B. E., White, D. K., Booton, R. D., Niu, J., Zhang, Y., Torner, J., Lewis, C.E., Nevitt, M.,Lavalley, M., & Felson, D. T. (2016). Longitudinal Course of Physical Function in People With Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis: Data From the Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study and the Osteoarthritis Initiative. Arthritis care & research, 68(3), 325-331.



Booton RD, Iwasa Y, Childs DZ, 2019, How do toxicants affect epidemiological dynamics?, Oikos, Vol:128, ISSN:0030-1299, Pages:729-740

Booton RD, Yamaguchi R, Marshall JAR, et al., 2018, Interactions between immunotoxicants and parasite stress: Implications for host health, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol:445, ISSN:0022-5193, Pages:120-127

Booton RD, Iwasa Y, Marshall JAR, et al., 2017, Stress-mediated Allee effects can cause the sudden collapse of honey bee colonies, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol:420, ISSN:0022-5193, Pages:213-219

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