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Thermodynamics 1 - MECH40003


The principal aim is to give students a basic understanding of the fundamental laws of thermodynamics and the ability to use them in solving a range of simple engineering problems. The pace of the course attempts to take account of students' lack of familiarity with the subject from pre-university studies. The aim of the lectures and tutorials is to develop analytical skills and some design appreciation, involving awareness of the interaction between thermodynamics and considerations of energy resources, materials, solid mechanics, economics, the environment etc. 

ECTS units: 5



Associate Course Leader

Aircraft Engine Technology - MECH97008


  • To extend the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and structural analysis to the design of an axial-flow jet engine
  • To develop an appreciation for aircraft powerplant design in the context of the duty and mission of a civil or combat aircraft
  • To provide an industrial context by a visit (if possible) to Rolls-Royce.

ECTS units:    12   
Contributing to Course Elements: 12 to ME4-LCTVS Electives


Course Leader

Sustainable Transport - SEF09


To develop an understanding of the issues associated with Sustainable Transport including passenger and freight transport and the challenges and opportunities associated with conventional and future technologies for different transport modes.

• To develop the skills required to identify the suitability of a given transport solution for a selected case study scenario.

• To convey the minimum level of knowledge of Transport issues required by a competent specialist in the field of Sustainable Energy.

• To provide an introduction to specialist study opportunities in the field of Sustainable Transport.