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Invited Lectures and Presentations

  • Operational Risk & Compliance Conference Oprisk Europe 2007, London 2007

Plenary Lectures

  • Institute of Operational Risk Forum on Advanced Measurement Approaches to Basel II, London, 2005
  • Stochastic Geometry, Convex Body, Empirical Measures and Applications, Palermo, 2004
  • Operational Risk Research Forum (ORRF XVII), Bonn, 2003
  • Actuarial Studies in Non-Life Insurance (ASTIN) UK Meeting, London, 2003
  • Institute of Actuaries Actuarial Teaching & Research Conference, Oxford, 2002
  • First International Statistical Workshop, Seoul, 2002



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Young B, Coleman R, 2009, Operational Risk Assessment, Chichester, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, ISBN:978-0-470-75387-3

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