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  • Wave Phenomena
  • Elasticity/Fracture Mechanics
  • Applied Complex Analysis
  • Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics
  • Nonlinear mechanics

Plenary Lectures

  • BIRS Viscoplastic fluids: from Theory to Application, Banff, Canada, 2005
  • Multi-scale problems: modelling, analysis and applications, Bath, 2005
  • Minisymposium on Trapped Vibration Modes, BAMC, 2005
  • INI Workshop on Granular flow, 2003
  • European Geophysical Society meeting, Nice, 2003
  • CMG 2002 ISI Foundation, Turin, 2002
  • IUTAM conference on Asymptotics, Singularities and Homogenisation, Liverpool, 2002
  • European Geophysical Society meeting, Nice, 2002
  • Connectivity between Mathematics and Engineering, UMIST, 2001

Guest Lectures

Underwater and elastic metamaterialsXAM3 metamaterials meeting, University of Exeter, Exeter, 2018

Seismic metamaterials: an overview PICO Session SM7.02Metamaterial applications in seismology, European Geophysical Union Congress 2018, Vienna, 2018

Metamaterials for vibration control, GDR Ondes du CNRS, Institut Langevin, 2018

Research Student Supervision

Adamou,A, Guided elastic waves

Edmondstone,B, Thermocapillarity

Vazquez,E, Dissolution

Warner,MRE, Surfactant driven flows

Williams,DP, Scattering by wave-bearing surfaces under fluid loading