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Stresser DM, Kopec AK, Hewitt P, Hardwick RN, Van Vleet TR, Mahalingaiah PKS, O'Connell D, Jenkins GJ, David R, Graham J, Lee D, Ekert J, Fullerton A, Villenave R, Bajaj P, Gosset JR, Ralston SL, Guha M, Amador-Arjona A, Khan K, Agarwal S, Hasselgren C, Wang X, Adams K, Kaushik G, Raczynski A, Homan KAet al., 2023, Towards in vitro models for reducing or replacing the use of animals in drug testing., Nat Biomed Eng

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Patel SAA, Bhambra U, Charalambous MP, David RM, Edwards RJ, Lightfoot T, Boobis AR, Gooderham NJet al., 2014, Interleukin-6 mediated upregulation of CYP1B1 and CYP2E1 in colorectal cancer involves DNA methylation, miR27b and STAT3, BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER, Vol: 111, Pages: 2287-2296, ISSN: 0007-0920

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Boyce A, David RM, Gooderham NJ, 2014, The mutagenic effects of 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-<i>b</i>] pyridine in Muta™Mouse colon is attenuated by resveratrol, TOXICOLOGY RESEARCH, Vol: 3, Pages: 197-204, ISSN: 2045-452X

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David RM, Jones HS, Panter GH, Winter MJ, Hutchinson TH, Chipman JKet al., 2012, Interference with xenobiotic metabolic activity by the commonly used vehicle solvents dimethylsulfoxide and methanol in zebrafish (<i>Danio rerio</i>) larvae but not <i>Daphnia magna</i>, CHEMOSPHERE, Vol: 88, Pages: 912-917, ISSN: 0045-6535

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David RM, Dakic V, Williams TD, Winter MJ, Chipman JKet al., 2011, Transcriptional responses in neonate and adult Daphnia magna in relation to relative susceptibility to genotoxicants., Aquat Toxicol, Vol: 104, Pages: 192-204

Little information is available on the responses of lower animals to genotoxic chemicals or on their sensitivity for detecting genotoxic chemicals, especially at different life-stages, despite the established use of the water flea Daphnia magna in ecotoxicity testing. Comet assay methodology was developed and applied to daphnid cells but only limited, non-statistically significant responses to the genotoxicants sodium dichromate (0.2-1 μM), chrysoidine (0.1-2 μM), and mixtures of benzo-a-pyrene (BaP) and sodium dichromate were found (from 0.01 μM BaP & 0.1 μM sodium dichromate to 0.25 μM BaP & 0.75 μM sodium dichromate). Transcriptomic analyses using Agilent D. magna oligonucleotide microarrays were undertaken to assess the effect of a mixture of sodium dichromate and BaP (designed to produce both adducted and oxidised DNA) on gene transcription. Neonates (<24h) and adults (day 7) were exposed for 6h and 24h at two combination concentration levels (0.02 μM BaP & 0.15 μM sodium dichromate and 0.1 μM BaP & 0.75 μM sodium dichromate). The greatest differences in transcriptional profile occurred between adults and neonates. Subsets of the transcriptional profiles distinguished genotoxicant-exposed animals from controls, both for neonates and adults. Higher transcript levels of DNA repair genes were found in adults and adults also displayed significant induction of DNA repair gene transcripts in response to exposure whereas neonates did not. Transcriptional changes in response to genotoxicant exposure proved more sensitive than measurement of DNA strand breaks by the Comet assay and the extensive differences in transcription between adults and neonates emphasized the importance of life stage in toxicant testing with Daphnia.

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David RM, Winter MJ, Chipman JK, 2009, INDUCTION OF DNA STRAND BREAKS BY GENOTOXICANTS IN THE ALGA CHLAMYDOMONAS REINHARDTII, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Vol: 9, Pages: 1893-1900

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Thomas SE, Pheasant AE, Lee AJ, Norman JM, Doran RP, David RM, Rawley V, Towler A, Marsden J, Hodges NJet al., 2008, Genetic polymorphisms and the development of cutaneous malignant melanoma: Association of the 609 C/T NAD(P)H: quinone oxidoreductase (NQO1) polymorphism, Toxicology, Vol: 253, Pages: 18-18, ISSN: 0300-483X

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