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I am an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at the University of Bologna, Italy, and a Fellow at Imperial College Business School, London UK. I hold a PhD in Management (2008) and a Laurea in Management Engineering (2003) from the University of Bologna. Before joining Imperial College London in 2010, I researched at Ecole des Mines de Paris, France (2007), Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA (2007-2009), and the University of Bozen, Italy (2009-2010).

My research focuses on the individual-level determinants of entrepreneurship. My overall objective is to contribute to the theoretical debate on the foundation of entrepreneurial activities, explaining heterogeneity, deviance and success in their enactment. More specifically, using social-cognitive theories and drawing on institutional approaches, I theoretically address the determinants of entrepreneurial behaviours, such as the creation of new values within existing firms, the enactment of knowledge transfer activities from university to industry and the decision to establish new ventures.

My research was featured in Nature, Times Higher Education and The New York Times.

You can access my scholarly papers at the following link:



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