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I am a histopathologist specialising in gastro-intestinal and liver disease and am involved in clinical work, teaching and research. I am based at Imperial but also work at the Ludwig Insitute for Cancer Research, University of Oxford with Professor Xin Lu. 

At Imperial, my major research collaborations are with Profesor Hanna (upper GI), Professor Mark Thursz (liver) and Professor Zoltan Takats (metabonomics). 

Overall, my main interest is in developing new techniques for extracting information from tissue samples including using, mainly,  metabanomic and digital pathology approaches. This also involves the phenotyping of mouse models of liver disease.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Eyres M, Lanfredini S, Xu H, et al., 2021, TET2 drives 5hmc marking of GATA6 and epigenetically defines pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma transcriptional subtypes, Gastroenterology, Vol:161, ISSN:0016-5085, Pages:653-668.e16

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Alazawi W, Heath H, Petts G, et al., 2015, STAT2 IS A KEY INFLAMMATORY MOLECULE IN HUMAN NON-ALCOHOLIC FATTY LIVER DISEASE AND MURINE LIVER INJURY, 2nd Digestive-Disorders-Federation Conference, BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP, Pages:A452-A453, ISSN:0017-5749

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