Imperial College London

Dr Becky Greenaway

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Royal Society URF (Lecturer)



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401CMolecular Sciences Research HubWhite City Campus





Current research areas within the group center around:

  • Porous Organic Materials – in particular, we focus on the synthesis of molecular organic species, such as organic cages, that can be assembled or processed into porous materials, such as porous liquids
  • Self-Sorted Multi-Component Structures – we are interested in how the use of more than two precursors during the synthesis of organic cages can lead to a number of outcomes, including the controlled formation of more complex self-sorted multi-component structures
  • High-Throughput Automation – we have extensive experience in the automated synthesis of molecular organic materials and supramolecular assemblies formed using dynamic covalent chemistries and high-throughput robotic platforms
  • Hybrid Discovery Workflows – we work closely with the group of Dr Kim Jelfs in the development of hybrid discovery workflows, combining high-throughput automation with computational modelling, to both guide and accelerate discovery
  • Porous Liquids – porous materials are typically solids, but recently, we have shown it’s possible to form liquids with permanent intrinsic porosity. These porous liquids are unique, combining the mobility of a liquid with the properties of a porous solid