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Becky Heath

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Research Postgraduate



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I am a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr. Lorenzo Picinali, Prof. Rob Ewers and Dr. David Orme. Funded by the Quantiative Methods in Ecology and Evolution Centre for Doctoral Training (QMEE CDT). Previously I obtained a Masters in Natural Sciences from the University of Exeter, where I specialised in Computational Biology and Land Use Management. 

I now work on the development and implementation of acoustic recording devices for ecoacoustic research. Specifically, the goal of my work is to streamline 3D acoustic recording and analysis for the purpose of biodiversity quantification. The system is to be implemented within the Sustainability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) project in Malaysian Borneo. 

As part of my CDT I am also working externally with UNEP-WCMC on a project separate from the core work of my PhD.  

Since the start of my PhD I have worked to quantify the impact of common processing parameters on the representation of ecological information within soundscapes. Outside of my academic work I volunteer with In2Science, took part in the Imperial-Tokyo tech Global Fellows programme and am a member of Imperial 600