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Despite retiring from the College in 2003, Professor Roger Hobbs still maintains an active part-time presence in the Department as a Senior Research Investigator. 

Professor Hobbs has been associated with Imperial for over 40 years, initially completing his BSc in Engineering and then his PhD here in the 1960s, before becoming a member of staff.  He served as Head of Department in the mid 1990s.  Throughout his career, Professor Hobbs has maintained close links with Industry, in particular with Tension Technology International and the major steel companies in the UK, Europe and the Far East.  He was also involved with the EU committee responsible for the early development of the steel Eurocode, EC3.  His extensive contributions to the fields of civil and structural engineering have been recognised by his peers with the awards of Fellowship in these institutions.

Professor Hobbs' areas of expertise include: Wire and high strength fibre ropes, including fibre and yarn buckling; Torsional properties of chain; Pipeline and plate upheaval buckling, and reliability-based design of submarine pipelines; plated structures; and (more generally) experimental and computational methods for structural mechanics.



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