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Dr Rajkamal Iyer

Business School

Professor of Finance



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Iyer R, Schoar A, 2023, Contracting when enforcement is weak: evidence from an audit study, Review of Finance, ISSN:1382-6662

Abbassi P, Iyer R, Peydro JL, et al., 2023, Stressed banks? Evidence from the largest-ever supervisory review, Management Science, ISSN:0025-1909

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Bergman NK, Iyer R, Thakor RT, 2020, The effect of cash injections: evidence from the 1980s farm debt crisis, The Review of Financial Studies, Vol:33, ISSN:0893-9454, Pages:5092-5130

Iyer R, Jensen TL, Johannesen N, et al., 2019, The distortive effects of too-big-to-fail: evidence from the Danish market for retail deposits, The Review of Financial Studies, Vol:32, ISSN:0893-9454, Pages:4653-4695

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