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Faculty of Natural SciencesThe Grantham Institute for Climate Change

Research Associate in Climate Science and Policy







Sherfield BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Robin Lamboll is a research associate at the Grantham Institute, and is interested in what humans emit into our atmosphere and what we can do about it. 

Robin mostly works on open-source software that finds relationships between known or projected emissions to infer unknown emissions, which feeds into how we infer what the future may look like given socio-economic projections. Other research interests include looking at the total amounts of pollution humans can emit before passing dangerous temperature thresholds and the impact of COVID-19 on human emissions. 

Robin completed a PhD in the physics of solar cells at the University of Cambridge, modelling the behaviour of new designs of solar cells, and has an MSci in Natural Sciences from Cambridge. Robin has previously worked as a quantitative consultant and successfully represented the UK in multiple international poetry slams.



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