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Current activities

I am a Senior Strategic Teaching Fellow in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London. My main activity is module lead for the Engineering Practice 1 module, in which I teach practical engineering and design to classes of up to 170 undergraduates throughout their first year.  Students on the module have engaged in disassembling, rebuilding (and test driving) small-scale piston-engined racing cars, re-engineering radio-controlled electric off-road trucks into planetary rovers and urban electric vehicles, and designing, building and testing small wind turbines as personal power devices.

A typical class

During the pandemic the module was adapted to run remotely, with students collaborating in teams across the globe to complete real engineering tasks at home, based around devices and hand-tools sent out by post, as well as a design-build-test project involving rapid prototyping and remote testing.

DBT project

I also supervise summer projects where students work in partnership with staff to develop the Aeronautics curriculum. Recently this has included design and development of learning materials for Dassault Systems' 3DExperience engineering software, which students learn as part of the EP1 module.

My current research activities include flow measurement techniques and design of human assistive technologies such as sports equipment and orthopaedic devices.


I obtained my BSc in Physics from Imperial College London followed by an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, also at Imperial. I then went on to do a D.Phil in Engineering Science at Oxford University under Prof. Martin Oldfield.

Prior to teaching at Imperial College I held a Stipendiary Lectureship at Pembroke College, Oxford where I taught thermofluids, electromagnetism and mathematics to small groups of first and second year undergraduates from 2009 until 2022.

Since joining Imperial I have also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in University Teaching and Learning, and I am also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

My research background is in gas turbine aero-thermodynamics and heat transfer: specifically velocity- and temperature- turbulence characterisation and short-duration temperature and pressure measurements in gas turbine combustion chambers, afterburners and other high-enthalpy test facilities. 

After completing my doctorate I worked in the High-Speed Turbomachinery Group at the Oxford Thermofluids Institute, carrying out research in experimental combustor simulator development and high-pressure nozzle guide vane capacity, aerodynamic loss and heat transfer measurement for high-bypass civilian aero engines including the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 and Trent XWB, which power the Airbus A380 and A350-XWB respectively.

I have also worked on  large-scale combustion experiments at Rolls-Royce, Derby,  Qinetiq, Shoeburyness, Volvo Aero (now GKN Aerospace Engine Systems) in Trollhättan, Sweden and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Takasago, Japan. I have also been involved with the design and development of large-scale high-speed (transient) experimental research facilities for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries power gas turbines and Rolls-Royce aero-engines.


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