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Dr Rupert J. Myers

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lecturer in Sustainable Materials Engineering



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245Skempton BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Rupert J. Myers is a Lecturer in Sustainable Materials Engineering and leader of the Myers Group at Imperial College London.

He has worked across various engineering/science disciplines and locations, from Australia (Uni. of Melbourne), to the United States (UC Berkeley, Yale, MIT), and to Europe (EMPA, Uni. of Edinburgh, ICL). His career is driven by a mission to reduce environmental burdens through sustainable engineering.

Rupert currently champions his mission by focussing his research on globally pervasive materials that are virtually unmatched in importance to society, such as cement and metals, and the services/products that they provide, e.g., shelter/buildings, infrastructure, and cities.

He leads inter(/trans)disciplinary projects in this space, which notably couple industrial ecology and materials engineering/chemistry, in collaboration with various domestic and international academic and non-academic partners.

Rupert is a member of the International Society of Industrial Ecology.

Outstanding prospective PhD students and postdocs that are passionate about sustainability, science/engineering, and materials are encouraged to get in touch by email with their CV attached. Multiple PhD projects are currently available in the Myers Group.



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